along and around Melaka’s Jonker Street

Old architecture 
Strings of old buildings along and around Jonker Street

I have always loved the sight of old buildings. The architecture makes me reflect on the past – how life was then, their lifestyle and so forth. Looking at the designs of the old buildings gives the idea that our past generations were indeed artistic – their designs are unique – full of life and colors!




IMG_5219 - Copy
I love the small space in front. A guest area where visitors would chat awhile before going in… sort of.


The verandah on the upper floor gives room to enjoy views ( of passers-by 🙂 from above.


IMG_5224 - Copy
Old style window frame in brown and faint colors making this house look so elegant


IMG_5214 - Copy

IMG_5222 - Copy

IMG_5217 - Copy


IMG_5220 - Copy4/10/15

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