Every road leads home”


This week’s theme sounds rather easy and shouldn’t have been difficult.  I’ve come acrossed many articles about Home; most of them convey a somewhat similar message that home is where the heart is.


Home doesn’t have to be where we were raised or had spent most of our lives living. Some people spend many years on the road looking for home, some never go back to the place they were born. They feel at home elsewhere. I’ve come across so many writings or stories about great adventures of people going to places, travelling from one continent to another in search of  a place called home. My hats off to these lot, they really are adventurous people.


I remember a story (fiction) that I read when I was a teenager, totally forgotten the title of the book now but it’s about a man who set out to search for home and it lasted him a lifetime. The ending was a bit sad as I understood it then as he never really did find a place which he could call “home”. When I read a book with an ending that’s a little sad, I have the habit of changing the ending to my likings. With this particular story, simply put- I “concluded” the story with … the man having missed many turns in his life, therefore unable to find home. Thinking back, his home was perhaps the journey itself ?

Home, I think is really where we make it and where our heart belongs –   a place where we are most comfortable or feel the happiest.  Loved ones, the small and simple things that are meaningful, a  spot where we feel at peace, etc. Home can be anywhere or in any thing.

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