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Some years ago, I was looking for a convenient platform to chronicle our first born’s Wonder Years – a tool of some sort to create a permanent record of thoughts and adventures of his childhood, developmental milestones and what not.  This search led me to blogging...

Ever since I started “online journaling” as in blogging, I’ve become lame at keeping physical journals!  Notes are scattered; I tend to scribble something on my smartphone too, but the good thing is, the notes always get transferred here.  Over the years, other than just documenting the kids’ wonder years, thoughts and general musings on living, time and space (among many others) – subjects that are all equally close to my heart started cropping up.  Blogging seems a perfect avenue to vent out/document/house all these. Now, with a big boy and a tyke,  all the more reasons to blog!

I go back here lots of times, to  re-read past entries – this somehow has become a habit. Re-reading the past entries to me is like reading an all-time favorite book over and again! Every time I read back, I can’t help wishing I had written more or taken more pictures! The small things, the details – stuffs like that. Either way I’m just glad these writings are here no matter how short. If you’re doing this too, then you’d understand exactly what I’m saying…

To sum it all, this blog is a life scrapbook really. There are images, there are writings. I’m inspired to capture moments and freeze motions through these writings and images. Some of you might also have this similar hope, that when our boys are all grown up and read this blog, it will bring them back in time – to all the fond moments – memories of their wonder years and everything else. Starting this blog is  one of the best things I’ve done  …..

So, whether you’ve searched or stumbled upon this blog, welcome to my life’s scrapbook!  If a photo or post makes you smile, feel free to leave a comment or two. Thank you for dropping by!

“Whether you’re keeping a journal or writing as a meditation, it’s the same thing. What’s important is you’re having a relationship with your mind.” – Natalie Goldberg .

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