HAPPY by Koko Jamal

As I walk down the street, I note the happy faces.
Children playing games and teenagers wearing braces.
With my camera, click and snap freezing memories in a box.
Time and time again, I note how time flies away by the clock.
Flying free in the sun much like the carefree winds.
In people, in the park, you’ll see happiness it brings.
Making memories with every step snapping away to store.
Gathering my happy days still yearning for more.

I want to lock them up forever, Then I’ll take them out to look.
My happy days will not run out, as I will keep them in a book.
Hungrily I click away, taking in the stones.
Shiny stones, reflecting light, and exposing unknown tones.
I’m walking home with steady steps still noting every gleam.
My camera hangs around my neck full of photo streams.
A stream of photos, of memories sharp, They’ll never fade away.
Happy memories and all of them mine, With them I will stay.

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