entering the mainland

We’ve passed this terminal too many times that we lost count. It never came across our minds that we’ll last this long commuting between the mainland and the little island for work. Having seen how this place has changed over the years, it is only natural having beautiful thoughts of this terminal being transformed in many ways (yes, that long-awaited bridge?).

And… who would have thought that we would someday need to undergo health screenings and safety measures to reach the other side and vice versa?

Yes, we’re all suddenly thrown to accept a new normal in order to lead a new normal life.

What’s comforting is history tells us that humanity has survived pandemics, and we will survive this one too. Each outbreak that was recorded in history in many ways shaped the course of human history.

That the outbreak has great capacity to influence – yes, influence behaviors and developments.

That it can create and destroy cultural norms. You and I see have seen this happening…

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