Peaceful: HUE Resort and Pension & surroundings [1]

Cheongchungnam [SOuth Korea]

RDSI2222A beautiful and peaceful place to live or stay – one would probably even want to extend his or her stay here.


PAHM8868GPSB9426Stunning hydrangea



WSOC7306We decided that this is a chestnut tree, what say you?

PFHF0553Acres of paddy fields to feast your eyes


OOFO1942Pine trees are seen everywhere. I love that these pine trees  are used as dividers to separate the paddy fields – just look unique


JCBS5947Summer evening sun


IMG_5149Enjoying the crops and what not


EEES2956Land amazingly fully utilized


HPMN9717Taking a closer look






DSC_3791Acres of really oragnized paddy fields


DSC_3796Tending the crops



DSC_3797After a hard day’s work


DSC_3800Pumpkin ready to be picked


DSC_3753At the backyard


DSC_3773Beautiful contrasting colors of pink and green


DSC_3768Lovely colors




DSC_3719I have always loved these colors –

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