Quiet Resort and Pension & surroundings [2]

at Seocheon-gun, Chungcheongnam-do county, South Korea

DWZW3050This year, Ian’s taekwondo competition trip brought us to South Korea, to a place called Seocheon, a county in Chungcheongnam-do.  About 4 -5 hours bus ride from Seoul, we arrived late at night and could barely see the surroundings as we were shown to our respective home for the next 6 days.


Like a huge mansion, this house must have more than ten rooms. It was rather challenging to communicate with the owners as they speak very little English. More like sign language or reading from body language is the way to communicate:) Probably working on shifts, we’d meet one or two who could speak a bit of English.

AAAF1322Peaceful surroundings


View from the top


From the top


Fruits and vegetables


More fruits and vegetables


Truly a self-contained kampung



Huge chili fresh from the farm


Love the colors


In the yard

DSC_3794A restaurant

LPLW7659A cafe called Na Mu – closes rather early. There are convenient stores in which we able to find stuff and things to get us by during our stay.

PHCA6069GS25 convenient store

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