e-book: Uncovering the Pearl of Borneo

Kopivosian ! Inspired by our passion to share something meaningful and beautiful, this e-book brings together our exceptional learning experiences and serendipitous encounters with culture, attractions, and people.

It has truly been an uncovering of the pearls. We first casually talked about the possibility of writing the book back in 2015, and seriously discussed the idea again in 2016. The following year, we spent time sorting out tons of pictures in our possession and continued taking photographs. We then soon realized that we do not only have beautiful pictures at hand but the potential to put pieces into something beautiful. Putting together this e-book has been an amazing experience as we got to reflect on what we have experienced and encountered throughout the years. It was fun, enjoyable, light, and free. Click to continue reading.

Promo video clip: Labuan through our Lens  

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