a Rainbow

IMG_E4124Picture 1    The weather has been crazy hot of late and while this is happening, it does just pour suddenly at times. When it rains, it pours like nobody’s business too! This evening, after a brisk-walk of two rounds around the park and while sitting outside an eatery enjoying our ice cream, we witnessed this beautiful sight of rainbow –  awesome!

IMG_E4127Picture 2    Picture 2 was taken about 6-8 minutes after Picture 1; the rainbow was still clear and beautifully seen. Rainbows are caused by light being refracted through water droplets suspended in the air. They will last as long as those water droplets remain airborne and the light continues to pass through them at that angle.

“Rainbows has 7 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. I remember this from Kindy”, said Sean. I stood for several minutes just watching this rainbow; admiring the pure prismatic colors.  As a child, I saw lots of rainbows, and the views were often so breathtaking and exciting!

Feeling grateful.
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