Old Hong Kong

Location: Ocean Park


Old Hong Kong is a new section at Ocean Park. This part brings back the culture of Hong Kong in the ’50s -’70s. Efforts like this is always commendable – a brilliant idea, really. We get to relive the early days of the territory! I like corners that depict the olden days.

Looking at the recreated streets and scenes would make one wonder the lifestyle back then – how  time was spent by our forefathers. I see many similarities in terms of lifestyle of the Chinese and my own past generations – I believe they come from the same roots. We humans are related in one way or another anyways, whether we like it or not.

It’s amazing how people in the past sail (as in use big wooden ships) the continents to expand their territory (business expansion), to search for land (to penetrate the international markets), wealth (to compete in order to survive), and knowledge (to gain the competitive advantage for sustainability). *These are just my own analogies*

Today, we don’t sail like our forefathers did. The way we do things is very different. *It’s so much globalized*.  We have the  internet. This word internet comforts, you think?  We cannot imagine life without it. We are so much driven by technology. We do not need to sail the continents anymore to close deals. We can opt to stay IMG_6074aright where we are to do businesses or to simply connect.

Seeing Old Hong Kong brings back the many memories of life back then. The colors of the buildings and walls, old equipments, etc.- they are like “old newspapers”:) Like I said, there are many similarities to what I have seen and heard often during my childhood particularly when the only grandpa I knew was still alive. From his outfit to the little things he owned.

Not many of us today especially our younger generations are inquisitive about the past. Perhaps because the past is the thing of the past, and that many events happened just way too long to even comprehend.