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Majestic really …

It was drizzling. With a kid in tow, we decided to skip the 268 steps hike up to the top!

(A transport up is available for those who can’t make the walk though).

This is the famous seated Buddha at Lantau (the largest island in Hong Kong), also called the Tien Tan Buddha. At 34 meters (110 feet) tall, weighing 250 metric tons, it looks majestic from below.

Made from over 200 pieces of  bronze and cost 68 million to construct, it is one of China’s five largest statues of the Buddha. I read that during a clear day, this bronze seated Buddha can be seen from as far as Macau. Will certainly hike up to the top and watch Macau from afar during my next trip here whenever that is !

Learn more about Tien Tan Buddha.



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