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the background mysterious  somehow


In the background is the “Upside Down House”, the first of its kind in Malaysia and South East Asia and among the 5 upside-down structures in the world (3 are found in Europe and another in Japan). One may find this house a li’l small with barely much to offer, but according to statistics, this new attraction in the state of Sabah, has been receiving guests on a regular basis from the world over.  One of the reasons I can think of is that this house depicts a typical Sabah kampung (village) house. I wouldn;t liken it to a Sabah traditional house though, the look itself is …well, sort of modern in a way 🙂

If you’re into history, culture and the like, you will find this house in the background amazing! Hop over to the following links to learn more : The Upside House of Borneo    Upside House (Rumah Terbalik)

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    1. Hi Lily! I hit the enter button too fast missing the notes to go with the photo. It’s actually a house that’s upside down. One of the tourist attractions in the state. ive scribbled something and has also added a link to tell a lil bit about that house in the background. Thanks for dropping by!

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