Lost in the Details

The lil’ guy was quite insistent in trying his hands on this machine, just like most kids his age. I could see the drive that keeps him going … yea, no matter what! The drive that’s strong and pure. So full of life. This part in a child never cease to amaze me.

He refused to budge from his stand – showing all defiance when Mom Dearest pleaded to retire for the day. He sat there – first staring. Then, he scrutinized the machine, looked at the screen again. He looked lost in the details as in curios-lost, perhaps wondering which items to work on next. There were the buttons, the wheels, the screen, and other accessories attached to it.

He enjoyed watching the wheels twirl and hearing the sound of it- a sound that’s music to his ears I’m sure! By that, MD knew she was already defeated. There was less chances of MD getting the lil guy off the machine anytime soon. That machine was suddenly his, and his alone.

This is one of the lil’ adventures with kids parents learn to enjoy. The thrill will most likely hit the cord and awakens that kid side of us, if not already <smirks>

I get lost in details too, on many occasions, and many times I attempt that one last try. The lil kid side of me! I’ve wondered if the many trys was a good thing for me?! Many a times too, I’ve wished I possess that “drive” of a child.

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