In My Son’s Eyes

My 2.3 year old son’s idea of arranging books.  He puts all his books neatly into place on the shelf with the pages wide opened. He puts them back in the same position after he finishes “mingling” with any of them! His first method of arranging books was the common one which is stacking, the second one was lining them up on the floor – a straight line too!

The books are still arranged like this  – it’s been more than a week now. I’d like to leave them as they are for a little longer – it’s uniquely Sean anyways .  Eagerly waiting for more cute, fun or unique surprises 🙂

2 thoughts on “Unique

  1. Very Sweet. I have three sons myself. The second one was a cleanliness freak. Tidying was second nature to him when young. Now he is all of thirty and he picks up after his child…

    1. Each individual child is different. My first born has somewhat the opposite character than the second – which makes life more interesting 🙂 Thanks for dropping by,I like what you share in your blog – lots of interesting stories. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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