Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

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This week’s theme is beautiful. It’s “love”.blogfinethings-comThis theme got me detailing the moments that led to the capture of this picture!  We still remember it well.  We remember staring at the “love” on the ground.  Can you see the “love” too?

Love” On The Ground

The school was quiet, no students were around and only a few teachers were on duty.  It was a holiday that’s why.  He ran around, looking so thankful that he’s got the whole playground to himself. I was watching him the whole time but honestly I was so immersed in my own thoughts. His sudden scream shook me off my deep thoughts, zapping me instantly back to reality. “Mom Look! There’s love on the ground!”, he screamed excitedly.

Noticing I was kind of puzzled and couldn’t see what he was getting at, he repeated, “Look there! The love on the ground.”  He was pointing at a spot where I saw only grass and dry leaves scattered all over. Only when he ran toward it and traced the love shape on the ground, did I see the beautiful shadow of tree branches that formed a heart- shape on the ground.

He asked me after, on the way back, “Mom, I like the love on the ground. I want to see it again. How did the tree make that love shape?” I could still remember the glow in his eyes –  he was  certainly imagining something … something far beyond what he had seen. Perhaps he was thinking, “Love is in the heart but it can be outside the heart too” or  “the word love could mean differently and it can be used to describe both living and non living things.”  Perhaps.

He was about 3.5 at that time.

Kids don’t only see things differently but they look at things a lot differently than adults. According to a study done by New Scientist, “children do not see objects in a fully grown-up way until the age of 13″. Read more here.  Either way, I love the fact that they see things differently. I love it when you ask them to look at the cloud, and they’d tell you they see a cat or a fish. My son sees the Transformers characters “Bumble Bee”, “Megatron”, “Optimus Prime” and so on, and all in action too!

“Here’s sharing some cute and funny pictures  of how kids see things differently than adults.

Have a great week!

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